Neulich im Steakhaus: ‚Was hätten sie denn für einen Vegatarier anzubieten?‘ ‚Die Tür.‘


Partypläne fürs Wochenende: Werde ein St. Martins Lied singen, dazu ein Jägerschnitzel und einen Negerkuss essen! Melde mich aus dem Knast!


Die gewinnt heute eindeutig den Preis für die Überschrift des Tages..



„Tut mir leid, dass ich zu spät bin, aber im Internet hatte jemand unrecht.“


er hat die universität durchgespielt. mehrfach.


8 Gedanken zu “Twitter”

  1. Gibt es heute auch einen Fall oder bloß Kack-Psycho-Probleme der Kommissare im #Tatort ?

    „Zwei von meiner Sorte können wir uns nicht leisten.“ So realistisch ist er also schon, der Kommissar Faber. #Tatort

    Ich mag den #tatort aus Dortmund ja, aber könnte man nicht mal wieder so einen Mord ganz unter Erwachsenen drehen? (und ohne Internet)

    Die Wirtschaftskrise schlägt voll durch: Selbst für richtige Farbe reicht es nicht mehr. #Tatort

    Der #Tatort greift ein grundsätzliches Problem auf: mangelnde Verhütungskompetenz… Ist ja richtig sozialkritisch…

    Der eine hat den Tatort gar nicht gesehen. Der andere sieht gar nicht fern. Der nächste twittert überhaupt nicht. Der andere nur 10 Min. Der nächste fand ihn aufregend. Der nächste hat nur Spott und Hohn über. …tbc… uswuswusw

    Und alle fallen sie übereinander her.

    Genau deswegen ist die Twittritik der optimale Start in den Montagmorgen ;-)

  2. Das Leben ist wie Tetris. Dass man ein Level weiter ist, merkt man nur daran, dass sie einem die Steine noch schneller in den Weg schmeißen


    Some people assume I am quiet, boring, or shy, without ever realizing that I just don’t like them.

    The new standard of cool is hanging out with friends and not ever looking at a phone.

    I always make sure I live in a neighborhood with the champagne socialists. No one is better at keeping the riffraff out.

    Happy Chinese New Year, or as we will all be saying in 20 years… Happy New Year.

    My personality is 30% the last movie I watched.

    The grass is greener on the other side because it’s fertilized with bullshit.

    I wish I loved anything as much as I hate almost everything.

    Only Neanderthals resort to violence. I prefer crushing one’s spirit, hope, or ego.

    Don’t apologize for being late with a Starbucks latte in your hand.

    I just want to be rich enough to not be motivated by money.

    „Black Friday is the Special Olympics of Capitalism.“

    Let’s be honest. There’s no way your guess is as good as mine.

    #1: Your place in history depends on what you do for others, not what others do for you. #2: I want a place in East Hampton, not history.

    You’ll learn. Silence is the best way of saying ‚fuck you‘.

    When you tell a story, all I can think about is how much shorter it should be.

    The best revenge is not giving a shit.

    If she thinks fellatio is a Shakespearean protagonist, I don’t know if I should cut my losses or go all-in.

    When someone says, ‚We should get together,‘ I always say, ‚Sure. I’ll call you.‘ It’s a lie for a lie.

    Poor people eat so much fast food you’d think their time was valuable.

    If you have a good metabolism, a full head of hair, and a good job, don’t marry young. Wait 10 years, then take your pick.

    Football season is the only time of year when unemployed people know when Monday is.

    We didn’t climb our way to the top of the food chain by being vegetarians.

    Most people wouldn’t even be the main character in a movie about their own lives.

    Feminists are just ugly underachievers who need an excuse for their failures.

    People are overly focused on race, when class is much more important.

    #1: I asked him what his life goal is, and he said ‚to make the obituary in The Economist.‘ #2: Great answer.

    I spent $2,000 on a suit I don’t need, just to impress a sales chick I don’t find attractive.

    Drugs to pro athletes is like plastic surgery to actors. They’re here to entertain me. Who gives a f*ck.

    People expect far too much from their coffee. Wake up. Cheer up. Get shit done… by yourself.

    If someone has a tattoo saying, ‚Only God Can Judge Me‘, I’m gonna prove them wrong.

    Some chick asked me what I would do with 10 million bucks. I told her I’d wonder where the rest of my money went.

    ‚With all due respect‘ is polite for ‚Listen here, fucktard.‘

    I’ve never said I ‚hate‘ anyone because that would imply I had any emotion for them whatsoever.

    If someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, belittle them. It’s better to be an asshole than stupid.

    People who always fly business class don’t post photos of themselves flying business class.

    I never said I was better than anyone, just more successful.

    Wanna stay together? Spend a lot of time apart.

    Spent last night pouring champagne, feeding her dessert, & telling stories of my trip to Bhutan. I’ve never been to Bhutan.

    Guys with large penises don’t need to brag about it. It’s just not our style.

    The right one is out there for everyone. Statistically, you’ll probably never find them, or fuck it up when you do, but they’re out there.

    Handshakes and tie knots. I don’t have time for someone that can’t master those basic skills

    #1: You look refreshed. Did you go away for the weekend? #2: La Mer. And an extra shot of wheatgrass.

    If you hear me say ‚I’ll be right back‘ at a party, it usually means I’m leaving.

    ‚Sorry, I’m bad with names‘ is the most polite way of telling people that you are also a fucking idiot.

    The fact that most people are too stupid to know how dumb they really are is the fabric holding our society together.

    Divorce is expensive, because its worth it.

    Don’t show up to an interview in a Hermes tie. I don’t give a fuck if you can afford it, you have to earn it.

    My 1st wife was vehemently pro-life until my girlfriend got pregnant.

    I wear a brand new pair of socks every day. That’s probably my only indulgence. That, and watches… And wine.

    #1: Who the fuck gets nervous in an interview? I’d talk about myself all day. #2: I’ve got fat-chick-in-a-tube-top confidence.

    Insider trading is like pissing in the pool. It sounds dirty, but really isn’t that big a deal.

    I don’t have the flu, but go ahead and stay the fuck away from me anyway

    Sometimes, I will apologize for farting even when I didn’t just so people think mine don’t stink.

    I spent my twenties in the office. So dating a 20-year old is how I re-live what i missed… on a much larger budget.

    if you have a job where you have to wear a nametag, nobody gives a shit what your name is.

    #1: Fact. 50% of all American workers have less than $10k saved for retirement. #2: Fuck. That won’t cover a ski weekend.

    I won’t date a girl who thinks there is an ‚x‘ in espresso. I’ll fuck her, but I won’t date her.

    It seems fair. My wife would leave me if I lost my money. And I’ll trade her in if she gets fat.

    I would admire people that can have fun sober if they weren’t so fucking boring to the rest of us.

    If guns were illegal, no one would get shot. Sort of like how no one can buy drugs.

    Dude, she’s the piñata of Christmas parties. Always gets smashed, and anyone can hit it.

    Guns kill people like spoons make people fat.

    It’s ok if you’re a lion. And it’s ok if you’re a gazelle. Either way, you only have to be faster than the slowest gazelle.

    I am very thankful that I have been able to make the most with what I was given. And that I wasn’t born in Africa.

    The Ritz Carlton is the Ralph Lauren of hotels. It’s great, until you stay at a real hotel.

    If I could choose between world peace and a reasonable fortune, my first Lambo would be orange.

    Masturbating is winning the battle but losing the war.

    When life gives you lemons, order the lobster tail.

    If you want to die rich, abide by The 3 F’s. If it Flys, Floats or Fucks, rent it, don’t buy it.

    It doesn’t matter if its Vegas or Miami. But every couple of months or so, I need a trip to let a little bad out.

    #1: I sent Morgan Stanley my resume. #2: Why? #1: So i could reject them again.

    #1: Atheists annoy me and Jesus freaks scare the shit out of me. So I guess that puts me somewhere in-between.

    #1: One of the biggest problems with todays society is that we’ve run out of colonies to send our undesirables to.

    Drinking is bad, but feelings are worse.

    #1: Don’t worry ladies, these drinks are on Goldman Sachs.

    Skirt #1: I can always tell a banker within the first 2 minutes of meeting him in a bar… because he tells me.

    I pretend to love the person she pretends to be.

    A#1: The waiter gave her the menu without the prices on it. A#2: Now that fucker owes you a blowjob.

    I never give money to homeless people. I can’t reward failure in good conscience.

    #1: You’re going to Hell in just about every religion. #2: First class, baby…

    MD#1: Don’t get married, dude. Marriage is watching someone you love slowly disintegrate. But perhaps, I am romanticizing it.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you have boobs.

    A#1: I don’t care. I work 14 hour days. A#2: I don’t care either. That’s why I don’t.

    You’ll never feel special if 100% of your friends are in the top 1%.

    #1: Don’t call me racist until you try taking Korean clients to a Japanese restaurant.

    #1: I heard the Euro was spotted at DisneyWorld wearing a Make-A-Wish T-shirt.

    #1: Woman shouldn’t be allowed to play golf on weekends. I’m not sexist, but they’re just too fucking slow.

    #1: I’d never even pretend to be a vegetarian, even to get laid. #2: Those chicks are ugly anyway.

    #1: I drive better drunk. I go the speed limit. I concentrate. And I don’t use my Blackberry. #2: The new S-class drives itself.

    : If you aren’t narcissistic, then you must just be too boring to give a fuck about.

    #1: Abortions are just expensive condoms.

    Every guy I know has paid for sex. One way or the other.

    #1: ‚Thank you‘, ‚I’m sorry‘, and ‚Fuck off‘ all mean pretty much the same thing to me.

    #1: Stereotypes are probably 85-90% accurate.

    Holding German debt is like holding the driest turd.

    #1: The best response to 99% of all milestones, good or bad, is usually, ‚Let’s get fucked up.‘

    #1: What most people would call the greatest night of their lives, I call just another Friday. #2: Or a Wednesday.

    #1: All I have to do is glance at my Blackberry, and my wife rolls her eyes and then shuts up. It’s awesome.

    #1: Good morning. #2: Memento mori.

    A#1: OK… I’d never date a chick who… A#2: Cites the Huffington Post. A#3: Watches Grey’s Anatomy. A#4: Works in finance. [high 5s]

    If I’m shelling out $600+ on dinner, she can cough up $400 or so for some decent La Perla or Agent Provocateur.

    It’s sweet how my wife thinks the silent treatment is a punishment for me.

    #1: IQ tests don’t mean shit. #2: That’s just something stupid people say.

    #1: Fuck that. When I was an analyst, I had to eat an entire ‚wasabi roll‘. What we called team-building, you faggots call bullying.

    #1: The difference between petting and hitting a dog is it’s tolerance for pain. Same goes for 1st year analysts.

    Skirt#1: She always tells me that she loves my outfit. Skirt#2: That means she hates it.

    #1: I wish I could walk around with a sterilizer gun. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

    #1: You see that insider trading story? #2: The most embarrassing thing is that he only made like $60k. #1: If you’re gonna do it, DO it!

    Into cell phone (to real esate broker): „Goldman F&%#king Sachs, Ever Heard of it?“ before getting disconnected in the lift

  4. Hallo Nomadenseele, einige dieser Twitter Gespräche haben mich zum Lachen andere zum (beinahe) Weinen gebracht. Tatort Spezialistin bin ich nicht, aber mir gefällt die Kommissarin mit den Alkoholproblemen!
    Auf Englisch gefiel mir dieses hier besonders gut:The new standard of cool is hanging out with friends and not ever looking at a phone.
    Bis bald

  5. Ich könnte jeden der englischen Twitternachrichten unterschreiben. Ich mag auch ihren gnadenlosen Zynismus.

  6. Die kritischsten Momente in der Kinderziehung sind die 3 Sekunden, in denen du dich zwischen Moralpredigt und High Five entscheiden musst.

    Da ist man früh auf der Arbeit, freut sich über den super Parkplatz, da piepst es von der Rückbank:“Mama, ich muss doch in den Kindergarten“


    Meine Eltern glauben, dass ich das Internet verstehe und meine Kinder, dass ich das Leben verstehe. Ich gucke weise und pule am Zeh.


    Anweisungen für die Zubereitung des Schulbrots erhalten. „Will deine Gefühle nicht verletzen,Mama, aber vom letzten musste ich fast brechen“


    Wenn man Kindererziehungstipps am Partner ausprobiert, merkt man schnell wie dämlich sie sind.


    Ich habe mich freiwillig gemeldet, den Rechner in der KiTa flott zu machen. Tja, wir Informatiker wissen, wie man Urlaub macht


    Ex getroffen. Er: „Wo ist das Kind?“ Ich: „Du hast es doch seit gestern.“ Er wird blass. Hat meinen Humor noch nie verstanden.


  7. Ich bin ja der Meinung, Wasserleichen zäh-len nicht als richtige Leichen. #tatort

    Da hat man jahrelang die Wochenenden in Hamburg verbracht, war auf dem Kiez und nicht ein einziges Mal gab es eine Schießerei. So-was.#Tatort


  8. Über Medien wurde schon so viel gesagt, dass es sich lohnt, noch mehr dazu zu sagen.

    Neuphilologie, Universität Tübingen


    Kunstmärchen sind meistens kunstvoller als Volksmärchen.

    Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft, Technische Universität Berlin


    Wenn man komplizierte Gleichungen immer weiter vereinfacht, dann kann man sie irgendwann lösen. Oder auch nicht.

    Mathematik, Universität Duisburg


    Jeder will stabile Ökosysteme, aber keiner weiß, was das ist.

    Ökologie, Technische Universität München


    Wenn man Titan auf 10 Millionen Grad erhitzt, fliegt es schnell auseinander.

    Physik, Goethe Universität Frankfurt


    Im Zahlungsverkehr haftet bei Fehlern die Bank. Oder der Kunde. Oder beide.

    Jura, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


    Ganz allein bewältigen Parkinsonpatienten die tiefe Hirnstimulation nicht.

    Medizinsoziologie, Goethe Universität Frankfurt


    Segregation ist menschlich – je höher das Einkommen, desto höher der Zaun oder die Entfernung zu ärmeren Bevölkerungsschichten.

    Geographie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum


    Praxis hat nichts mit Theorie zu tun.

    Angewandte Linguistik und Translatologie, Universität Leipzig


    Carl Schmitt war ein rechter Leninist und Lenin ein linker Schmittianer.

    Politikwissenschaft, European University Institute


    Wenn man ein Fanglager, das einen Rotor auffängt, wegnimmt, dann wird er nicht mehr aufgefangen.

    Maschinenbau, Technische Universität Darmstadt


    Organische Nitrate machen mit Schweinelungenarterien was sie wollen.

    Pharmazeutische Chemie, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena


    Es erscheint legitim, die Ansicht zu vertreten, dass Kunstwerke und Gebäude nicht unabhängig von dem Ort ihrer Entstehung entstanden seien.

    Kunstgeschichte, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster


    Versager suchen die Schuld immer bei anderen.

    Institut für die Geschichte der internationalen Beziehungen, Utrecht

    Fundort: FAZ

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